Australian Designs, Australian Made for Australian Conditions

As racing sailors ourselves, we know there are many ways to maximise your racing performance. We offer an on-board Racing Wardrobe Assessment and have a range of racing packages to suit the grand prix to club racer.

Load path membrane sails
Continuous tape reinforced sails
TriRadial construction


As part of our design we offer an on-board measuring with rig tune and sail tune and use only the latest computer aided design software (flow system)


Your sails will be manufactured here in our Drummoyne loft using only premium fabrics, supplied by industry leaders.

Fitting | Setup | Rig Tuning

We can fit your new sails to ensure the set-up is correct. Once we’re out on the water, we’ll recommend and show you how best to tune your rig to ensure best possible performance.

Ongoing Service | Assessment

Racing sails change over time dependent on regularity of use, conditions under which they are used and stored. So please bring your racing sails back to Sydney Sailmakers for regular service.